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Obtain Financing offers from our trusted Lending Partners.

All industries considered.  Apply for pre approval here:

            Obtain a No Obligation Offer                    Equipment Financing                              PO Financing                                                     Business/Revenue Financing

Elevate your Equity Raise with VXGlobal's
Preparation & Investment Marketing Services

Click for more information on VXGlobal and schedule a call below.
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  • A compliant, credible capital raise presentation to investors and lenders provides the best success to obtaining business capital to start or grow a business.

  • Receive a no obligation consultation.

  • Identify immediate sources of business financing through our platform of investor and lending sources.

  • Check eligibility of ERC (Employee Retention tax Credit) for Businesses retaining 5 or more W2 employees in 2021.  Please call or email to discuss qualifications.


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Flexible Options

Multiple Lending Products to Fit Your Specific Business Needs

Personal Service

Consult With Your Own Dedicated Funding Manager


No Cost or Obligation to Apply

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